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Tuesday 8/29: Rally Thrills and Skills Seminar
Immediately following Rally at the Obedience/Rally Ring on Tuesday, August 29th, offered by Norine Noonan, BHCA Member and Rally judge. 

Learn about Rally and learn some new ways to teach your dog the skills needed for success at all levels of Rally -- bring your dogs!!  Previous Rally experience not necessary (but it would be helpful!!). All practice will be on lead.
  This seminar will be about one hour.

Wednesday, 8/30:
Health Committee Forum on Lafora and MPS1

On Wednesday, August 30th, following dog judging, the Health and Research Committee will host a forum in the Founders Room at Purina Farms at which members are invited to share their experiences with genetically-affected dogs (Lafora or MPS1) and their thinking about whether to breed a dog who tested positive (carrier or at risk/affected) for the Lafora mutation.

Wednesday, 8/30

Canine Fitness & Conditioning
Following the Health Committee Forum on Wednesday, August 30th at the show ring at Purina center:

Cheryl Cieslinski, BHCA Member and CTDI All-Star Trainer of the Year, Stunt Dog Judge, Certified Canine Conditioning Coach, CGC/Trick Dog Evaluator, CPE Agility Judge, UKC Senior Supervising Agility Judge will teach this workshop. She'll cover evaluating balance, posture and form, when to seek veterinarian and/or orthopedic assistance, at home training and how and when to use equipment. Give your dog the advantage of fitness and conditioning in the field and in the ring!  paragraph. Click here t

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2023 Nationals Committee Chairs

Chair Position -  Name/Email

Tracking Chair/Sec - Sue Boyd

FT Chair - Marianne Lovejoy

FT Secretary - Vicki LePenske

HPT Chair - Marianne Lovejoy

HPT Secretary - Vicki LePenske  

Grounds - David Bee

Catalog Ads - Terri Ralenkotter

Catalog Sales - Randy Frederiksen

Clothing Sales - Suzanne Fitch  

Dinner Reservations - Celeste Gonzalez

Vendors - Suzanne Fitch  

Scent Work - Lora Megli

Scent Wrk Secretary - Melody Fair  

Grooming Chair - Candy Carswell

RV Laison w/Purina - Sue Frischmann

& Candy Carswell

Memorial Table - Kirk Joiner

Welcome Bags - Eva Kotilinek                         

Chair Position -  Name/Email

Coordinator - Bev Barringer-Ruggeri

Co Coordin/Shw Chr - Gene McDonald

Asst Show Chair - Bobbi Brandt

Treasurer - Sandi Wittenberg              

Show Secretary - Cindy Wegner

Chief Ring Steward - Bobbi Brandt

Hospitality - Stormy Goodbar & Greg Goodbar

Website - Sylvie McGee

Raffle/Auction - Sukey Shor

Ways & Means - Sukey Shor

50/50 - Kirk Joiner

Trophy - Mimi Tysseling                   

Obedience/Rally - Debbie Martin & Randee White

Agility - Anne Testoni                

Agility Secretary - Jill Roberts

Agility Clothing - Suzanne Fitch                          

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