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Nationals obedience and rally will be held at the Purina Farms Event Center on Tuesday, August 29

Donna Eddins - Obed and Rally.jpg
Donna Eddins - Obed and Rally.jpg

Obedience Judge:

Donna Eddins


Donna Eddins has been involved in dog sports since her early teens when she began competing in Obedience. Donna and her mother enjoyed training dogs so much that they founded a dog training business which Donna still owns and operates to this day. In addition to Obedience, she has competed in AKC Agility, Conformation, and Scent Work. Donna takes great pride in the multiple OTCH titles she has earned over the years.


In 2008, after decades of involvement in Obedience, Donna applied to become an AKC Obedience Judge. She spends numerous weekends each year traveling the country to judge Obedience & Scent Work Trials.

Donna Eddins - Obed and Rally.jpg

Tracking Judges:

Ule James & Connie Austin


Ule James and Connie Austin have been judging tracking since 2002. They own and train
Whippets and now two Cirneco Dell’Etnas so they know that hound mentality
. We enjoy
tracking with our friends and introducing people to the sport. Over the years we have had 14
Whippets that have tracked and have finished 14 TDs, six TDX and four CTs. One of our Cirneci
has finished his TD. Connie and Ule maintain a photo album of their passing dogs and of the 650
dogs they have judged. They have passed three Basset hounds, one TD and two TDX. They are
looking forward to seeing some more Basset hounds work and hopefully pass. Good luck to all

Ule and Connie.jpg
Donna Eddins - Obed and Rally.jpg
Agility Judge Pic.jpg

Agility Judge: 

Victoria MacVicar


My first glimpse of Agility was in Tampa, Florida in 1996 when I watched a local agility trial and was hooked as soon as I saw a dog running over the teeter. I immediately fell in love with the sport.

When I met my husband, he owned Brittanys and they became my breed, too. I enrolled in an Intro to Agility class and was fortunate to have my first agility dog love agility as much as I did and be fast and driven.


As a judge and as an exhibitor, I love watching dog/handler teams run courses and when they are well connected, I see their “dance”. As I judge throughout the US, I enjoy the different handling styles as well as the similarities. I’m always amazed how much the AKC Agility Program has advanced and grown since I started with my Novice A dog and I’m thrilled to be able to be part of it – both as an exhibitor
and as a judge.

I’m very proud of my Brittanys and their Agility performances. I own and have bred several generations
that have qualified for multiple AKC Nationals and were invited to many AKC Invitationals.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to judge for the 2023 Basset Hound Club of America’s National
Specialty Agility Trial at Purina Farms and at the same time, feel extremely honored. I look forward to
watching all your runs and know there will be many memories made!! Good luck to all and safe travel!

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